We didn’t see any rattlesnakes at their rock. I was glad about that, as I’ve had a close encounter with a rattlesnake before! There were lots of butterflies though!

 We went to Rattlesnake Rock several times — for swimming, fishing, and picnicing. Once Noelle and I biked down from the cabin to Slate Run (6 miles), then ran from Slate Run to Cedar Run (5 miles) and boy, did swimming feel good after that!

 We got into catching cray fish at Rattlesnake Rock. The guys found that the best way to catch them was to corner them and then splash them onto shore, and then grab them. We took them home, steamed them, and ate them with a butter garlic sauce. Delicious.

 As per family tradition, on the way back from Rattlesnake Rock (both times!) we stopped for icecream. Once we watched the rain while we licked. Misty moutains are beautiful.