Above– Maia peeling boiled eggs.
Wonderful moments of silence for Momma!
Below– Elias is learning how to swing on monkey bars.

Maia and Elias get some special time with Kermit the Frog. A puppet in the hands of someone gifted in such is really a special thing.

Maia has quite an imagination. It seems like Thailand is her magical country of choice. Most of her statements are a one-up of something someone else was just saying. For example:

 “When I was a grown-up in Thailand, I had a pink vacuum cleaner that was this big (wide gesture, from wall to wall). There was one for you too, Elias.”

“When I was in Thailand, I saw a Momma plane in the sky, a Papa plane, a brother plane and a sister plane.”

“When I was in Thailand, I caught a shark and it was this big (wide gesture).”