Our church, Harrisonburg Mennonite, does a yearly summer camp-out at Highland. This was the first year that we have camped. People stay out there either for the whole weekend or just one night, or they come for the worship time on Sunday morning.  What a beautiful place to be together at.

 There is a lovely stream running through the camp grounds. The kids had a lovely time watching other kids catch crayfish. Minnow-catching was more their speed! They also loved getting wet, watching their Papa skip stones, and looking at all the different bugs skating across the water.

This is where our church baptizes their folks. The people share their testimony before they get baptized. I was really touched by one person’s testimony — she talked about how the night before, she had had a dream that she was in a boat with two other people (two other people were joining her in baptism that day). The boat had a hole, and it was leaking badly and sinking down. She grabbed a container and desperately tried to bail the boat out. But she was not successful and the whole boat sunk into the water. When she came up to the surface of the water, she saw a huge crowd at the side of the lake, and everyone was cheering and happy. They greeted her as she swam up, and took care of her, drying her off and giving her food. Isn’t that a good picture of baptism — we are failing and dying, but in giving up and surrendering, we live.