One of our long-term renters is a gift-giver. Most of his gifts are fish — fresh catfish and trout. So the other day when he came in to the kitchen with a bucket balanced on his head, I thought it was fish. It has been a long day of housework and other work for Jacob and I, lots of cooking and cleaning etc. . and the last thing I wanted was fish to clean. (Not that I would be doing the cleaning .. ). Our neighbor was looking for me and he had the widest grin.
“Bet you can’t guess what I’ve got for you! I promise you that this is the exact thing you dream about!!” I was rolling my eyes and trying to keep a semi-smile on my face. he went on and on, telling me that I was in for the biggest treat.  My favorite thing .. how would he know that that is? But then our neighbor swung the bucket down and put it beside me. It was at least a gallon and a half of ripe cherries. Now I love cherries. I am much more happy with a bowl of cherries than a bowl of anything else.
“AAH! How did you know!” Our neighbor laughed and laughed. He had taken some cherries up to my sister, and she had told him that I really loved cherries. So he had hurried over and planned this surprise. I think he got just as much joy as I did out of those cherries, and I got alot.