Poor Tabitha had a cold when we first arrived. She was grumpy. We all were happy when she started feeling better. This was one of the first times Elias got her to laugh.

 We hid Easter eggs around the yard for the kids. And then we helped them eat it! Another Easter Sunday highlight for me was singing Robin Mark songs in church, and finishing off with Oh Happy Day!

 Lots to do in Belfast but the weather doesn’t always play fair.  We drove to one place, and as we parked, it started to hail. So we sat in the cars for five minutes. The sky cleared, the rain stopped, we jumped out for another try. But the hail started again .. and we made a dash for the cars. We all (except Daniel) crowded in one car to wait the storm out. By the time we got home, the sky was blue and sunny again!

Good museum. The dinosaur head was something!