One of the seven wonders of the world. This is one of our first views of the pyramids. Below is a picture of the kids on the largest pyramid.

Our tourist guide gave us all the history — but I was too busy watching my kids and the scene in front of me to remember anything. But these pyramids are OLD. The ancients ruins and historical sites in Europe or America or even the rest of the world should not even be called history if you compare it to Egyptian history. The miracle is not just how old they are and how impressive it is that they are still standing, but also how they were built.

Above is the view from the pyramids.

We went into the pyramid, through a narrow narrow passage way. It was dark and claustrophobic (for someone like me). We climbed up up up to the room made for the king’s mummy. Climbing down with the kids hanging on our backs and bellies was quite an experience.

The Sphinx. It’s beard is in some British museum I think. And we think that colonialism is over! It’s amazing the amount of historical artifacts that have been stolen and taken outside the country and not given back.

We rode camels behind the pyramids. That was Elias’ favorite part!

My camel was named KFC. It was quite a dangerous bumpy lean and jolt being on the camel when it stood up!