One evening my Mom and I looked over the DVD of my Poppop’s funeral. I had not seen more than one or two pictures, and though I had heard about the funeral from numerous family members, it was lovely to watch the whole thing. How can it be lovely to watch a funeral?? If that’s your thought, you must not know my Poppop or my family. The meditations, psalms, and prayers were personal and rich with meaning. The flowers next to the coffin were utterly bright and colorful, matching the quilt. The music .. the many songs by numerous people, was just utterly beautiful. It was hard to see all my cousins and sisters together singing the songs that we love — with only me missing. So I sang along with the DVD! The best part of it all was how crowds of family and friends stayed after the funeral to keep on singing. I think that’s the part of it I’ll play again.