We moved to the flat upstairs. It was not as emotional a job as usual . . in fact, it was nice to deal with boxes, dirty corners, and junk piles after a few days of high-intensive people-days. People are so much more complicated than stuff, aren’t they? Our new place is brighter, smaller, with newer electrical fixtures, and calmer tile designs. At the end of a long moving day, guess who joined us for dinner? Mr. Gamble! How much fun! Wish we had more time! (and more music)

The next day we moved our frig and put up the fans. Big dirty jobs. In the midst of it, we had some lovely lunch guests, parents of a friend of ours, on their way from a bus to a long train ride. when I told our helper that we were having lunch guests, she said, “You are what?” What gave me most stress was thinking about how our guests would feel in such a chaotic apartment, with electricians drilling, and piles of dust and trunks .. and no sofa at all. But these guests were one of a kind. The grandmother sat on our bed and got out of her suitcase little red bits of paper, and preceded to make us these star crosses, captivating Elias. Now that lady knows how to be a blessing and how to relax anywhere.