On my 30th birthday, Anna and I took the kids to Zia Park which is about twenty minutes away. Maia slept on the way there, and so the above picture is her looking sleepy and happy!

The kids had so much fun. We also had fun — such a beautiful, cool, sunny day. The favorite part was the paddle boats. As we gave our tickets in, the collector looked at us two women and two kids and said, “But who will paddle?” I pointed to my legs and told him that my legs work, too. He laughed and let us ride. The pond is in the middle of the park, so we could watch all the rides from our shaded private seat. Lovely.

And then for dinner Jacob and Anna made this lovely pasta dish with feta cheese, olives, fresh from our garden spinach, capers, sun-dried tomatoes. . ooh. Yes. I am sure that we had the best that night. Thanks for the treats, Anna.