Our neighbors live in a thatch shack on a small piece of high land, shaded with mango trees, surrounded by water. During dry season, there is water on one side of their tiny property. But it’s been four months now of living on an island. Right after that crazy monsoon week of constant downpour, they had to wade up to their waists to get home. Now it’s gone down to about six inches.

They don’t have running water or a well on their property. Every day the whole neighborhood watches them wading across, hauling buckets of water across for drinking, washing, cooking etc. They bathe in the water that surrounds their land — as the rest of us grimace — half of our buildings’ drain water goes directly into that pond and cows routinely add their blessing. A neighbor told me that before our building was built, the pond was clean and everyone bathed in it.

We’ve all been watching something else, though .. the brilliant pink water lilies that have started blooming right near their property. Water lilies are really tasty and I am surprised that they have not cooked them up. Maybe they are just too beautiful.

I don’t have a picture. I’d have the wade there to get one.