My grandmother told Bethany to look for a friend of Poppop’s while visiting Kalimpong, a theologian, author, and teacher named Deshbondhi. We had an address, and for several years had not heard any news from him. We doubted that he was alive. We were going to try to find him at his address that afternoon, and while we were walking around the town, Steve saw an elderly man and started talking to him. It was only when Steve was walking away that he realized that he had been talking to Deshbondhi! So we went back that afternoon, and introduced ourselves as Edward Rocap’s granddaughters. While it was hard to tell this man of our Poppop’s death (and to hear that Deshbondhi’s wife was died), it was really fun to hear his remembrances of Poppop. We got to meet his family as well.