This is the meticulously researched book about how scientists, researchers, and doctors identified AIDS and discovered medicines. Lapierre also traces how Mother Teresa’s order started to serve AIDS patients. As usual, Lapierre makes such a huge amount of information easily engaging through the personal stories through out. The book took me right back to the 9 months I spent interning at the Gift of Peace in Maryland, USA, with the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa’s order. Lapierre took those three worlds: of those being diagnosed with AIDS, Mother Teresa’s nuns, and the medical personnel combating the disease and showed how they clashed and cared for each other. I had watched this dynamic and struggled to communicate it. The way that the nuns had cared for the patients told of their Kolkatta background, and it was so different from the National Institute of Health whose offices were right near by! Those AIDS patients at the Gift of Peace would joke about their sexual experiences with the nuns (the nuns would not get the jokes). Despite the culture and religion clash, despite the early bedtime, strict visiting rules, no TV .. . patients found a home there. Lapierre captured all this with a writer’s ease.