I was outside watching my kids play yesterday. A lady walked slowly by, carrying the chubbiest baby. I wandered over to say hi and give those cheeks a squeeze. We got to talking, as I made faces with the baby. She was just holding up her head, and all her chubbies were squeezed into a flowery yellow dress. I asked how old the baby was, and she said she couldn’t remember — the baby was her niece.
“Do you know the little boy, Amit, who died this year? It’s his sister.” When I say Amit to you, my readers, you think of the 4 year old Amit who had a second stomach, and died after the heroic efforts of Dr. Bob and other surgeons up at Lamb to save his already deteriorating situation. What alot of money, prayers, sweat, nursing care, and research went into Amit’s case. I was so hopeful that he would pull through and he didn’t. I feel like Amit’s death made me age ten years. I still cry when I think of him.

My neighbor was talking, ironically, about another Amit. While we were away about 9 months ago, some of Elias’ friends saw a truck driving slowly down our road. They climbed on to the tail gate of the truck and got a free ride. But for one boy named Amit, the free ride went horribly wrong and someone he got trapped underneath the truck and his little 7 year old body was crushed, right in front of his friends. When we returned, I was told of the incident. All of us tried hard to forget about it.

But here in front of me was this baby, with her toothless mouth open wide in a grin. Her aunt continued to talk. ” This baby was in her mom’s belly before Amit died. Their Mom and Dad were arguing alot, so they had decided that they wouldn’t keep the baby but would have an abortion. God had his will though, because before they aborted the child, their son died.”
“So you are making your parents happy now, aren’t you?” I cooed to the baby.
“She really is a good, calm baby. All she does is smile.” said the aunt.
Just then the mother came by. I had talked with her in the past, but hadn’t seen her at all in the last 9 months. “This is my daughter!” She said to me proudly. Then she made her daughter laugh, as she clapped and held out her arms for the baby.

I hope the other Amit’s family gets the same sort of new joy too, after this horrible grief.