Above are two potol, a small quash-like vegetable. The orange one I found hiding out in a pot — I guess the ripe ones go orange! We eat them when they are green. You scrape away some of the tough rind, cut it long ways in four, let it sit with salt and turmeric for twenty minutes, and then fry them in hot oil. Delicious. I like to cut them long-ways, steam them, and then dip into humus or re-fried beans.

These are jack fruit seeds. I wash them out, dry them for about a week, and then they are ready to be peeled and used in curries. You need to peel off the white skin, and then you cut them in half (or smaller) and stick them in your chicken /egg/ fish curry. They have a slightly sweeter taste than potatoes. We also toast them and eat them with a little salt like nuts.