We have seen alot of zoos in Asia that aren’t very exciting. You want to spend more time looking at the flowers and the concrete animal sculptures than the sick and sad animals in their stinking pens. We thought that this wildlife center would be the same, so this place was a wonderful in comparison. We enjoyed the proboscis monkeys, the cassowary, the elephants who ate carrots from our hands and the half an hour we spent talking to knowledgeable zoo employee as he tickled an orangutan. The orangutan had been found in someone’s home, and that person had been sent to jail for two years and fined 6,600$. He had been sent to the famous Sabah Orangutan Rehab Center but did not get along with the other orangutans, so he was sent to the zoo. It was so fun to watch him being tickled and being told off by the zoo staff– he was just like a toddler, except much stronger.

The Proboscis monkeys were also hilarious to watch — but the highlight of our time was walking into the aviary. Two big horn bills swooped down to say hi — and their wings made a really loud “woop woop” noise right over our heads. Our camera’s batteries were dead, but a friendly lady took pictures for us.