On our first day in Kota Kinabalu, we went to the islands. Some very nice gentleman told us to sit in the front of the motorboat. We had to hang on as we bounced the whole way there! The kids were game, though by the time we got to the island, some of us were green. One the way back, we sat in the back of the boat.

The islands are truly beautiful. Back in 2006, it was paradise. Now it’s commercial paradise .. . you pay a park fee and everyone’s scuba diving or snorkeling .. . trash cans are overflowing with Styrofoam and the island now boasts a resort. The amazing coral is also disappearing, but the fish are still plentiful and strikingly beautiful.

Most of the island is still covered with jungle.

Back in 2006, we saw a huge lizard. It was probably four feet long. So this time we hiked up the hill on the island with high hopes. No big lizard. But later when we were ready to get on the last boat back to KK, we saw three lizards. I guess they don’t like the crowds either.