About a week ago, we traveled to Baguio City in the Philippines to take a week course about pastoral care/ counseling in the Muslim context. It’s a subject that we have been interested in for a long time, and we wanted a good family vacation too! But I had forgotten how very tiring it is to travel with kids .. . and after two 4 hours flights, a night on the airport floor and a five hour bus ride, we finally arrived.

Baguio is in the mountains. It is absolutely beautiful, especially after the humid summer weather on the plains.

For those of you who want to travel cheap to the Philippines, Air Asia is the way to go. There are shared jeepneys from Clark Airport (that go when they are full) to Dau Terminal, which is only about fifteen minutes away. At the Dau Terminal there are buses going everywhere, all the time, for under five dollars a ride.