Over Christmas, the Jennings came to visit. We took a day trip to Mahastangarh, which is the earliest urban archeological site yet discovered in this country. The museum was well worth seeing, though no photography was allowed. Some things in the museum are dating back to the 3rd Century BC. It is interesting to see artifacts that date to the Hindu period, then Buddhist, then Muslim.

We had a picnic on the grounds. Considering we were in Bangladesh, the locals and other tourists left us alone which we were all happy about. One of us mentioned that we were left to ourselves because we were eating, and in Bangladesh, eating is a semi-private affair where it’s understood that you don’t want to talk to others. A few ladies stood about watching, and they were trying to tell Andrew to pull up his pants! I guess the baggy-pant style has not quite reached Bangladesh.
Afterward we took a walk on the wall around the old city.

Oh, new potatoes! I am turning into a good Swede! New potatoes, gravy, and salad .. good dinner.

I took a family photo for the Jennings that day, and they took a family picture of us later on too. But I think this is the best group shot. Moni, Donna, Micah, Tabitha. . we miss you.