Our TV has only one channel, and that’s the fish. And when we put our kids in bed, we lie with them till they go to sleep. So in other words, we have plenty of time to read! Recently, I have been enjoying all of Dostoevsky. Why have I lived 29 years without enjoying this author? I love the perception Dostoevsky has about depravity.

This book on the trafficking of Asian women was a heart-wrenching read. When I read of prostitution and AIDS, I think of my friends in Thailand who faced this degradation to the last painful breath. Reading this book has left me with many thoughts — like about how arranged marriages between older men and young women perpetrates skewed sexuality. Louise Brown shared a Khmer proverb: “Men are gold, women are cloth”, and told how a Cambodian woman explained it: “The men look like gold. When it drops in the mud we can clean it, but the women look like white clothes; when it drops in mud we cannot clean it to be white again.” Why is such a big deal made out of woman’s virginity and chasteness? In God’s eyes, aren’t men held by the same standards?

We read the commentary on Romans by John Stott and loved it. I still read Romans 7 in a completely different way. This commentary on Ephesians is turning out to be just as good, though you can’t scarf it down like a novel!

While I differ by a long shot with Dr. James Dobson on my political views, I did think that he had some wise words about raising boys. He is a bit too fearful of homosexual predators for my liking. Rich white republican Americans don’t need to be warned about predators stalking the streets but about how Jesus said to love our neighbor! But, all that said, He says many wise and perceptive things. His warnings about TV use (backed by the American Academy of Pediatrics policy of “no-TV-under-Two”) are very convincing. It encouraged me to be even more a stickler to keep the TV and DVDs off. So there will be more time to read books!