We got a food processor about nine months ago. We thought that it would help making peanut butter and tahini more possible. Our food processor does work, but we find that our blender makes a smoother hummus, and a better ground of coffee and cinnamon. The peanut butter in the food processor never becomes completely smooth and tahini just does not work. The other day I tried to make tahini in my Thai krock, which is a stone mortar and pestle. That did not work either. Amina, seeing my struggle said she’d give it a go on the sheel pata, which is a flat stone with a cylinder stone that is rubbed back and forth. She made tahini in about 7 mins. Then, outside, we heard a hawker calling, he was offering to put groves into our sheel pata to accelerate the grinding process.

The hawker tapped little groves into the stone, asking only for thirty taka (50c). Now I’ve begun making tahini on the sheel pata too. The food processor is just gathering dust until the next hamburger night.