Paul and Karin are back in the country, bringing our (heavy) mail. We had ordered this grain crusher months ago, and were eagerly waiting it’s arrival. It did not disappoint.
First we thought we should steam the oat berries (already hulled and toasted) to do things like the professionals. We steamed a batch for twenty minutes. We steamed a batch for forty minutes. We boiled a batch. We soaked a batch for a night. We dried a batch. After all that experiment, the differences were not that noticeable (except that steaming and drying take time!)

So we decided that for now, we would just forget the steaming or boiling, but would just run the oats through the grain crusher, then clean them with water, and then pressure cook them for about ten minutes.

Perfection. Seriously. We had an American visitor say that it was like oatmeal from a package. (I think it’s better and more fiber-filled!)

Our journey with getting local, cheap flattened oats has been a LONG one, and we have arrived. Now .. just to figure out how to toast the oats more uniformly. And in the future, we need to set someone up with a business so everyone else in the foreign community can enjoy oats for breakfast too! (at a third of the price of Quaker Oats!)