Now we could have predicted travel-troubles on the way back, looking at our track record. But still, finding ourselves at the airport at 6 am with our flight canceled was a huge disappointment. All of us were ready to be home. But,the airlines put us up in a 5 star Pan Pacific airport hotel. What a big change from our hotel at the beach, which had none of the frills! Our meals were at a buffet restaurant, and the spread was just incredible.

Our flight ended up being canceled a second time!!!! So we had plenty of time to enjoy the pool, the park outside, and of course, the food. The airport and the attached hotel are an hour from KL — and there is nothing around. So we spent alot of time playing in the airport playground, riding buggies back and forth from the hotel, and riding elevators, and sleeping. Good relaxation.

For the kids, bouncing between more simple living and a rich lifestyle doesn’t strange. Elias did say some funny things, though. We were on a spiral staircase and he said, “This is a squiggle stair!” and then we were in a huge carpeted hallway, and he sat down and patted the carpet and said, “This is a big mat!”