Of all the GREAT foods we tasted during our vacation . . ..
the winner is ..
It’s a dessert made of cane sugar, coconut milk, shaved ice, green noodles made out of pandol ( ใบเตย), and probably some other things too.

I had just had an ABC — which is another dessert with black beans and all sorts of other deliciousness in coconut milk and ice.

We (as always) really enjoyed the fruit. Rambutan was the cheapest — being sold by vendors on motorcycles for cheap.

We had durian once. The kids were not impressed. (But I am sure that they will change their minds after more experiences!) I must admit, my stomach revolted against the durian that night. Next time I will have to satisfy myself with only a few bites.

We ate about 70% of our meals at one store along the beach that had a buffet-type spread. The staff were very helpful, providing a high chair and cleaning up behind our kids. They didn’t speak English, so most of our ordering was done by pointing. When we read up on Malaysian food from the Lonely Planet, we were like, “So that’s what I was eating!” Malaysian food, in my opinion, is the best food in the world. There are significant Chinese, Tamil, and Malay populations living side by side in this country. Thus, you have all the Thai spice (lemon grass etc), with all the Indian spice and ingredients (lentils, curry leaf, dosa, sambar .. ), plus Chinese ingredients. Most everything has spicy shrimp paste (to DIE for!) and coconut milk. Our meals were always between 15-20 rm (5-7 $) a meal.

One evening we caught a bus up the road to a superb Indian restaurant that served the normal fare of what we would call paratha with lots of spicy things to dip into. It was the best and cheapest meal yet. By the time we were ready to go, the buses were no longer running. We waited for a taxi by the highway for about a half an hour. The highway had only the tiniest shoulder or we could have walked the mile home! After a while, some other customers at the same restaurant dropped us off as they were going the same direction. Note to self: Malaysia is (unfortunately) a personal car country.

On the beach, there were all these little Banjo stands. We found out by experience that a Banjo is a spicy egg sandwich — a good breakfast, especially when all the other meals have been rice-based!