Sunday morning found Jacob and his coworkers getting Maia and I exit permits. There were not any major hiccups with that process, just that it took WAY LONGER than we thought. We again received our passports back only about an hour and a half before our flight. We got through immigration, and were just congratulating ourselves on finally getting out of Bangladesh for this long-awaited vacation . . but as they were checking our visas at the gate, the official noticed that Maia did not have an Indian visa. Jacob and I and Elias have ten year ones, but we completely forgot to get Maia one. (Yes, completely our fault.) Now, if her Swedish paperwork had only been finished on time, she would have been able to get a visa on arrival. But we haven’t completed those papers either. It seemed like a bad dream. The airlines immediately off-loaded our luggage and we sat there stunned.

With our exit permits, we had to leave the country that day. I am not sure of the procedure or cost if you overstay an exit permit — do you need another expensive exit permit? And then the Indian embassy in Dhaka has the reputation for being just completely HORRIBLE to anyone applying for a visa. We always hear horror stories. Would Maia get a visa in two days? Or a week? It seemed like a logistical nightmare. I had really had it with embassies and passport offices and immigration by then. It seemed to me that the best plan B would be to fly out of Bangladesh that night to a country that offered a visa on arrival. There was no flight to Thailand that evening, and the idea of going to Kathmandu did not sound appealing (to be so close to Noelle but not be able to see her . .). So our gracious travel agent bought us tickets for KL, the head of immigration just let us wait by the gates without having to go through immigration again. I called my sister and cried and then cried again. It was a very cold, boring night waiting for our flight to KL.

By dawn, we had made it to KL and were feasting on mee and coffee in China Town. Life looked alot more do-able with the day still fresh and cool. Isn’t it wonderful that God’s mercy towards us is new every morning.