Some of you know that we had been planning a vacation to India (Kolkatta, Varanasi, Delhi) around early August. We had to make a visa run, my sister was going meet us there for a week, we had piles of friends we were eager to meet up with. Train tickets were bought, and we could almost taste dosa (and hide&seek cookies). The day before we were to fly we found out that while Jacob’s business visa and work permit and security clearance had all been granted, the passport was still in the hands of some office. So hours before the flight Jacob and his co-worker were begging for the passport. They only got it after greasing the hand of that official who was holding onto it for a gift. That’s what you call extortion.

So we rushed to the airport, ready as ever for a vacation. At immigration we got stopped — I thought I had a 6 month tourist visa but I only had a 3 month. Both Maia and me had overstayed three whole months. The immigration folk were very kind but strict: we must leave the airport, wait the weekend, and apply for an exit permit.

Tears and frustration for our stupidity!!!! So after hours of waiting for the “seal” to be broken on Jacob’s passport, waiting for our luggage to be off-loaded, we left the airport and stayed at the Jennings for the weekend.

We had a quiet, restful weekend (besides multiple calls to our friends in India to cancel our Delhi leg, our travel agent etc). Elias played legos and Maia yelled and poked the cat till she got scratched. We didn’t know that our adventures and complications were just beginning!