Paul Brand in his book The Gift of Pain writes: “The Oxford English Dictionary defines pleasure as a condition “induced by the enjoyment or anticipation of what is felt or viewed as good or desirable . . the opposite of pain. ” Leonardo da Vinci saw things differently. He sketched in his notebooks a solitary male figure splitting in two, about belly height: two torsos, two bearded heads, and four arms, like Siamese twins joined at the waist.

“Allegory of Pleasure and Pain,” he entitled the study, commenting, “Pleasure and Pain are represented as twins, as though they were joined together, for there is never one without the other . . They are made with their backs turned to each other because they are contrary the one to the other. They are made growing out of the same trunk because they have one and the same foundation, for the foundation of pleasure is labor with pain, and the foundation of pain are vain and lascivious pleasures.”
Paul Brand goes on to describe how pleasure and pain can be so related. I felt like my soul shouted when I read this. This is what I believe about life — and to explain . .
Nonone knows the joys of a good night sleep until they have had fussy nursing babies who do everything but sleep at night!
No one knows the utter joy of cool AC or a monsoon storm until they have endured months of heat (and I mean over 100 degrees) without a respite.
Noone knows what a joy it is to drink clean drinking water unless they have pumped the water, hauled it home, and then filtered or boiled it.
There are thousands of examples, aren’t there? Food is delicious when you’ve grown it yourself, late-night waterings and back-breaking hoeings and all, rain is awe-inspiring when you’ve braved a drought, a good grade is wonderful if you put in the hard work to get it . . what are your examples?

I believe this is why there are really happy poor people in the world. They know the joy of shelter and the joy of food. They work hard and love their sleep. Their hard-worked bodies are ultra-tuned to pleasure, where as over-indulged lazy folks are killing themselves with too much sleep and sugar.

Let’s go for the hard-earned pleasure, let’s not shy away from things that hurt if the result will be good. Let’s live for things that are bigger than just ourpresent happiness, and then for sure we’ll meet some intense pleasure along the way.