One of our BCM clients I do graphic design for is MAF, a Christian non-profit which operates a small seaplane in Bangladesh and serves development workers in the country by accessing difficult-to-reach places. I’ve done a brochure, annual report and website for them, and I just got invited to join in on a flight to Barisal. I was suprised when Emil, the pilot, had me sit next to him in the cockpit for takeoff and landing. What an experience!


What would have been a six-hour road trip took us 20 minutes, and we landed on the river beside Barisal. A speedboat came to load some Bangladeshi development workers, and we took off and flew back to Dhaka.

Here is the busy Sadar-ghat in Old Dhaka:

Dhaka from 2000ft:

A fellow passenger reading my MAF brochure:

Here is the Ganges/Brahmaputra/Jamuna before it hits the Bay of Bengal:

It’s nice when graphic design is more than sitting in front of a computer!