We foreigners living in Bangladesh get our oats in two ways — we bring it in our suitcases from home, or we buy the overpriced small Quaker Quick Oats tins. Occasionally Australian Store would have some oats for sale but they sold fast! There didn’t seem to be any other option. None of us had ever seen local oats for sale. Cheap, healthy things like Granola or Oatmeal cookies were big treats. Daniel and Jacob have been researching the oat situation, and as of last week, Jacob and I have been having local cheap oats for breakfast!!
Jacob found unhusked oats in a local store for 30 tk a kg. He got them husked at a local mill. We soaked some for a night and then pressure cooked it, added milk and sugar, and ate it! The next step is to figure out how to roll oats in Bangladesh. We are assuming it can be done in the machine that makes চিঁড়ে (rolled rice). The man who sold us the local oats is now looking for a mill that can do the job. Exciting! Anyone want to go in on some oats?