I am sure that Daniel will (some day) do the perfect blogpost about his place, but until he does, here’s the preview! His MCC project is out in the village. The project building and all are an interesting combination of Bengali and American cultures, obviously designed and made by engineer bachelors! We look forward to many happy times there.
The above picture is of the house the guys live in.

Above — these are the guys that Daniel works with. They were all doing an experiment on what kind of thing makes the best coffee.

There is a small farm behind Daniel’s house that serves as a model of sustainable living practices — correct me if I’m wrong Daniel . ..

It seemed like all the kids from the village were there to play with Elias!

The kitchen is part of the living room, and there is an American-style island counter. Daniel made us a wonderful meal. The best part of the visit was walking back from the village to the main road where a CNG that Daniel went ahead to find picked us up. It was about a 15 min walk — in the complete dark, with the stars overhead. No people, no cars, just the sandy potholes and a cool breeze. For those of you who live in Bangladesh, you know how rare a peaceful, night walk is!