I (Hosanna) was talking to Bethany the other day about our blog. She said that it was always so wholesome. I’ve been thinking about that, and the whole world that blogs and facebook can portray. And it’s kind of deceitful actually, isn’t it? Life (at least my life) is full of dirty dishes and dirty diapers, not the kind of thing people take pictures of. My kids throw temper tantrums regularly. Elias doesn’t always say cute things — his more normal sentences are:
“Don’t say Hi to me!”
“I don’t want this!”
There are days when most everything said gets misunderstood. There are days when the to-do list is long and the zest of life is missing. We, just like everyone else, are very fallen people who live in a fallen world. And since most of our posts ignore that disturbing part of life, I wanted to say it.