Yes, Jacob took these pictures. If a picture is ever really good, you can be sure that it was his doing, not mine. While we ate breakfast, we watched the pretty birds outside — not just the cardinals, but mocking birds and blue jays .. and I think we saw a tufted titmouse too. this is one of my oldest and dearest memories of my grandparents — watching out the window at meal times to see the birds enjoy all the treats my grandparents set out for them. Elias was thrilled. Once he realized that each bird has a name, he has been busy asking, “What kind of bird, Momma? What kind of duck, Momma?”

We were in North Carolina with my grandparents when the big storm hit. Four inches is big in NC, big enough to get the locals worried. ( .. park by the road .. stores busy with people stocking up .. . might get icy in the evening, stay safe!! ) Fortunately, the driver of our car has lived in Minnesota .. so he laughed as he drove down the driveway!