Melody came home for a few days to get a check-up on her knee. She had a major surgery on it a month or so ago. Right afterward, she went to Harrisburg to get ready to go to Albania for a year of working with the church there. When she was home, she enjoyed Mom’s thai food — lots of veggies and spice!

A few days later, we had a garage sale to raise funds for Melody’s year of service. For those who donated stuff to sell, thanks alot! We sold most of it for 50 cents-2$, and we raised about 700$! That shows you how much stuff we had to sell. It was a long day, made fun by lots of friends stopping to chat and help.

Right after the garage sale, we all piled into several vehicles and went up the mountains to Reddish Knobb. The temperature was COLD! The leaves were beautiful though. We built a fire and ate more Thai food (all rather quickly) before heading home. It was too cold to stay long, but definitely worth the trip to see the view.

Bethany holding a bundled up Maia.