We have enjoyed all of God’s provisions from the garden beside our house. We’ve been basically getting all our vegetables this summer from this garden, thanks to Bethany and Steve!

The cabbage is not quite ready yet…

Lots of peppers!

I (Jacob) spent yesterday harvesting the black walnut tree next door, which provided more walnuts than we could ever want!

Elias and I picked three bags full of walnuts, and that’s only half of what’s in the tree!

After picking the walnuts, you have to remove the hulls to protect the flavor (with gloves since the tannin will stain your hands badly!). Then you immerse them in water; those that sink are good, those that float have insect damage. Then we spread them in the basement for two weeks until they are cured and ready to eat.

I also started drying some herbs from the garden with Elias.