We spent a week with Brad and Andrea and then a week with Ethan and Erinn. While our friends worked, Jacob did his graphic design work and I ran after my kids! We had some good meals — the hit was the salmon. I’ll post it on our recipe blog. Jacob also got to do some archery with Brad.

We had lunch with Hanna almost every day while we were in the cities. Fun picnics, and fun restaurants where we tasted Somali and Mexican food

Here is Erinn and her friend Dara.

Ethan with his son, Jack. Jack and Elias were VERY excited to play with each other. They always greeted each other extremely enthusiastically in the morning. But they also were always biting, shoving, and hitting each other, grabbing toys and yelling things like “That’s mine!” Boys will be boys. You can check out Ethan and Erinn’s blog http://ethananderinn.blogspot.com/ for pics of the boys together.