A few miles from where we were staying was the park of the Apostle Islands. Unlike what the picture shows, everyone else canoed out to the spectacular caves, but the kids and I stayed on the beach. Jacob went in the kayak, so he didn’t take his camera, but wished he had: the caves were BEAUTIFUL. Elias got to try out sitting in a kayak when Jacob came back.

The following day we all did get into canoes and crossed a marsh and onto a river that led out to Lake Superior. Here is Hanna with Maia.

A sail boat in Lake Superior.

The brothers, standing in age order: right to left — James, Paul, and John.

We walked past an active eagle’s nest that Pat pointed out.

Back at the lodge after a day walking and canoeing ..

The sunset off the porch lasted a long time. But even more beautiful than the sunset were the stars that Jacob and I saw that night. We camped at the nearby campsite instead of staying at the lodge. The stars were so bright that we even saw the Milky Way.