We went camping in the Boundary Waters this last week. Jacob has a group of friends that have gone camping 11 times together (I think that’s the number!). So even though we had two little kids, we really couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I am glad we went, but it wasn’t very fun. It would have been with just one kid, but two was a handful. All our friends helped out alot and were very understanding, though! The picture shows Jacob with his fish catch — a Northern, Bass, and Walleye.

Sunrise on the lake. It was beautiful the whole time — and by that I don’t mean the weather but the scenic beautiful of nature. We were on Lake 1, in a big campsite. Our friends did a long day trip with some portaging, but we stayed on the island for the most part, besides some swimming and small canoe trips (without the kids)

We did have a rain day. It was cold, and when it wasn’t pouring, it was drizzling. Most people spent alot of time standing under the tarp, or sleeping, or playing cards. I was in the tent with Maia, wondering if I had enough clean cloth diapers until I could line dry more.

Laundry up on the line.

In our little cozy tent . . We had three sleeping bags and we all shared. The kids were warm, but Jacob and I had to take turns with the cold sleeping bag!