My grandfather organized a family reunion, partially in celebration to his 80th birthday, and partially just an excuse to party! We kicked off the celebration with a meal at Taste of Thai, and then went to Montebello fishing and camping resort which is about an hour south of Harrisonburg in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We hiked the Crab Tree Falls trail. The signs say that 25 people have died by climbing on the rocks, so we stayed clear! Jacob and Steve enjoyed fishing. The fish were very small, but they were absolutely delicious deep-fried!

One of the many treats of the week was to go horseback riding in the woods. Noelle’s horse had an attitude, Bethany’s Goldie liked to eat instead of move, and all of the horses loved to run (or whatever you call it) up the mountains while we held on for dear life and yelled “woah”. We were not exactly pros, but no one fell off.

All around the woods were black berries, ready for the picking. The girls gathered up alot of them and Mom made them into a dessert. It was delicious.