Maybe due to monsoon, or maybe due to our proximity to the jungle meant that there were lots of critters all around Dishari camp.The below photo got the “best photo award” of the week.

This snake was found behind our bedroom. It was at least eight feet long and poisonous. There was another snake that got caught in a fish net right when we were leaving Dishari camp, and we all ran down to see it — everyone in the whole camp. It was also 8-10 feet long. The locals said that it was poisonous, but that it was not aggressive and would flee instead of fight. They said that this snake likes to drink milk straight from the cow. It started raining really suddenly when we were looking at the snake, so we all had to run for cover.

This is a Tookay lizard. We have them in Thailand too. They are about 6-10 inches long, and they call “tookay” very loudly if they don’t have a mate.