Have you ever heard Jacob recommending the Bengali band “Bangla”? They are a very unique band in the Bangladesh music scene, bringing folk music to the Westernized urbanites. Most bands in Bangladesh are pathetic imitations of Britney Spears, Metallica or Bon Jovi, imitating Western styles and the narcissism of most pop stars. Yet the younger generation largely listens to their music (and Hindi Film songs), ignoring their own rich folk heritage.

This band is different — they tastefully blend quality Western guitar & bass rhythms with a drum and folk tunes modified by their lead singer Anusheh’s amazing voice. They also are rather unique in that their songs are devotional Sufi expressions of worship to the Creator rather than self-absorbed. They walk a fine line between pop culture and their Islamic society, pausing concerts for namaj prayer and trying to promote liberal Sufi ideas to the younger generation.

Here’s some photos