Expensive Birth!
The staff mis-charged me, so instead of $24 the total hospital bill was $61! Maia definitely is worth any amount of money though . .

A Narrow Escape
Unbeknownst to us, a mouse had been making a nest in the bedside drawer containing all our records and documents. Some medical records were finely shredded, but our original marriage certificate and birth certificate escaped with only a few tiny bites. That would have meant a delayed departure to the States probably! We later found the baby mice:

Saying Goodbye to Parbatipur
It’s been a good place to stay during this waiting-delivery-recovery time, but we are ready to get home, especially as the weather has taken another hot turn and the current was off for about five hours yesterday. Here is Lydia, (the little girl we were babysitting) and her friend Janey, and Elias, enjoying Sprite popsicles during a hot afternoon.

There were lots of little animals for Elias to enjoy in Parbatipur — snails, moths, fireflies. Here he is with a baby frog.

Before Maia came, we enjoyed walking out in the fields.