Say a big welcome to Maia Thomas, born eight hours ago on June 5, 2009 at 1am! Once labor began, this little girl was very fast to come out. Everything went well, and everyone involved is healthy. Maia weighed 3.2kg/7lbs and has ten fingers and ten toes. Here are a couple photos of Maia at six hours:

Here is the happy grandmother in the room where Maia was born:

We found out things were starting yesterday morning, and so we called Karin and Daniel, both of whom came by train just in time for a late dinner. We had a bean-rice dinner together, and even had a guest over for dinner–Christian, the Danish Bangladesh-MK who is running the Lamb English-Medium School. Timing worked out really well with Elias, since I (Jacob) got to put him to bed at 9pm like normal and then we just headed over to the hospital. Thirty minutes after he woke up, we arrived back home on a van-gari. Elias was so excited to see his little sister! He kissed her numerous times: