This is where I am sitting right now as a I write this post. We are in a small town called Parbotipur, waiting for the birth of our second child. Lamb Hospital is right next door.
When we were thinking about the birth of our second, while I was excited about having my child at Lamb, I was not excited about the prospect of staying in a guest house for 2-5 weeks. The price of the room and daily food would blow our budget — and the food is rather disappointing. So I prayed for about a month that we would be able to stay somewhere that I could cook and make myself more at home.
During one of Jacob’s photography courses, we met a man named Daniel Toren whose daughter attended school on the Lamb compound. I mentioned to him very briefly that we were not looking forward to staying in the guesthouse for a month. To our surpise, he told us that if we could help babysit his daughter, we could stay at his flat. So, now here we are!

A big bed! As Elias sleeps with us, that was another thing on my “wish list” . . It’s a one -story building and the tin/clay/bamboo roof means that this palce stays rather hot. In the bedroom there is an AC unit, which we have already put to good use. Now, where are those summer thunderstorms?

They have a helper named Aroti, who lives almost next door. She is very friendly and capable. We hear that she can even make doughnuts and bread!