There were four big parties, and the landlord came repeatedly to invite us! We had a house full of guests, and I, Hosanna, don’t feel like doing anything or going anywhere these days, so Jacob went to the last big party. Everyone was fed mutton buriani and everyone viewed the beautiful bride sitting oh so demurely in her red sari!

Now that all the parties are done, the bride will come live with her husband and his parents in the apartment below us. The landlord has been busy for months painting and remodeling the kitchen and re-doing the plumbing. Right before the wedding, some big presents arrived from the bride’s family — a huge wood and glass showcase and an IPS (instant power supply). Of course, with such an educated family, this is not dowry .. it’s just big presents!!

The bride is now finishing her Masters in Fisheries at the local university. She will take on the new task of cooking for the family and looking after her mother-in-law, who is eldery and badly in need of both companionship and help. Rather a daunting task for a new wife! But I am not worried for her, as her husband is a very nice man. Right after they signed the legal marriage papers, the mother-in-law almost died, so the bride came to visit for the afternoon. (Usually she would not enter her in-laws home until the parties were completed). Her new father-in-law was quick to ask her to cook. I was visiting at the time, and I wondered how the bride would manage: new kitchen, and then to serve her in-laws food on the first day! But the groom very quickly did the kindest thing, he went to the kitchen and helped her find everything she needed. The average Bengali man would not stoop to help his wife in the kitchen unless he was the “chef”. So the couple is off to a good start.