Our landlord’s youngest son celebrated his marriage this week, with four large parties, two parties put on by the bride’s family and two by the groom’s family. One of the parties was on the roof. This particular wedding party is called the giya hulud. The bride and the groom have separate giya hulud parties, and the bride does not attend the groom’s party and vice versa. Everyone dresses in orange and red. Turmeric is smeared into the bride and groom’s face. All the family take turns feeding the groom.
The picture below shows the groom entering, surrounded by his sisters and neices.

The roof turns into the party scene!

Here is our landlord, the father of the groom, feeding his son.

All the food that the groom has to taste!

I think this is the younger sister of the bride, but I am not sure. She is rubbing tumeric into the groom’s face.

The pathway that the groom took from the gate to the roof was all painted. Jacob and I had a perfect wedding– but I did miss the designs on the floors.

Our apartment building was covered in blinking lights for a few days.