Motorcycle: definitely the way to travel up north. The roads are bad, buses are slow, but a motorcycle can get around those potholes!

Up north most people live in mud houses. Most of the mud houses we see have nicer, newer walls than the one pictured above. The clay dirt up north is very good for making mud houses. They actually make two-story buildings! But if you don’t take the time to “wipe down” your house with another layer of wet mud, the walls do start to crumble and crack.

This last bunch of students were not all that interested in photography, with one or two exceptions. Just another mandatory class from their organization! Despite that, they managed to grasp the basics and take some decent shots. We got a laugh when reading one of the student’s evaluations today. It said, “We slept timely. We ate timely. But our beds were full of insects which ate us.” Thankfully our bed didn’t have too many bugs in it!

Here is Elias eating dinner with one of his friends. He is quite the little extrovert, and is getting comfortable speaking both English and Bangla.