. . .or should I say, we co-own a house and now are stuck with a mortgage!!! My parents and my sister Bethany and her husband are the other co-owners, and we bought it with alot of help and advice from our grandparents and uncle. The idea is to rent it out and to have space for the overflowing of family members from next-door and for those who need a place to live. But since Bethany and Steve are the only ones on site till this summer, how it all will work has yet to be determined!

This house is the property next-door to my parents’ home in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Last furlough, we, meaning Bethany, Steve, Jacob and I, talked about buying a house together. I secretly thought that I’d love to buy a house on Shenandoah St. It is a short street with a mixture of all kinds of people and near to the university and a bike ride away from down-town. When I think of Shenandoah St, I think of speeding down it on my bike and seeing the “perfect” house to buy for my parents back in 2001. I think of getting to know our neighbors when Christmas caroling. I think of porch parties and evening walks. I think of being there with my WHOLE family for a solid year. A good place.