Elias and Uncle Shumon at the border. Do you know that like 6,000 Bengalis per year go to India with legitimate short-term visas and never come back??

Checking out the old temples along the road to Malda. Some of them have been recently been reconstructed.

Taxi to Malda, 4 hour train to Siliguri, then the 3 hours in a shared jeep up up up the mountains!

Along the road there were all these funny signs. One was “Are you married? Divorce Speed”. It’s a good idea to go slow up the hair-pin curves. The ride made both Jacob and I remember biking in the Nilgiris Hills.

Darjeeling — crowded, dirty, but plenty of good food (momos!) and cheap hotels. We stayed at a place called Hotel Prestige that had hot showers (and not much else) and a very helpful owner. The price was 220 per night. (let’s see, that’s $4.42!).

We took a walk to see a pretty monastery.

Elias was still not sure of his Gerry Pack — he was much happier walking and picking up leaves.