This is the second of Jacob’s week-long photography classes. We are down in the south west of Bangladesh, outside of Jessore city by a long, bad-road five km. The center that we are staying at is called “RRF” — Rural Reconstruction Foundation. It’s a huge brick building in the middle of a village.

These are photos that the students have taken — and it being only the second day, (or maybe they don’t really like the same kind of photos I like) they really haven’t captured the beauty of the building. They are stuck in the conference room, but I get to explore the little courtyards and brick alcoves ..

There are beautiful gardens, and the students are taking some decent pictures! Here are the students downloading their pictures after a practical session.

Sharing the center with us this week are about 35 ladies who are doing BRAC teachers’ training. A few of them have kids who are being looking after by grandmothers or babysitters. So there are kids to play with for Elias and ladies to talk to for me. Otherwise, it would be a lonely place for me!