Compassion has contracted BCM to teach their staff photography, in order that they might take better pictures of the kids that they work with. BCM asked Jacob to do the teaching; an intensive 6 day course held six times in various places around the country. This first course was held in a tiny town named Birgonj. We stayed at a Christian boarding school. In the early morning, 215 kids would sing the national anthem right outside our window!

Here is Jacob teaching his 17 students. It was the first time he ever taught anything like this — and from the students’ reactions, he did a good job. Next time he teached the course, it will be easier!

One of the students took this picture of Elias and me. While most of our time was spent recovering from a bad flu and then a cold, we did have fun playing ball with about 100 little boys, chasing the cat and dog around the compound, and making friends in the kitchen. Hosanna hopes that some time she will be able to take the photography course instead of babysitting . .

One of Jacob’s students. Jacob got a new camera for this course — a digital SLR, a Canon Rebel. It takes a good picture!

Jacob had the students doing practicals. As the compound was surrounded by fields, he saw lots of pictures that looked like this! It was a beautiful area: wheat, rice, potato, sugarcane, corn, and coriander fields everywhere we looked.