Ubon is the big city about two hours from where my parents live. It’s where the big universities are, where you can buy cheese and pizza and all those foreign foods, where the airport is .. and where there is a yearly candle festival. Alot of the villages in Ubon province carve these HUGE candles and then the best ones get awards. So there is a fake candle in a park in the middle of Ubon city.

Another thing Ubon city is known for is it’s treatment of WWII POWs. Thailand quickly surrendeered to Japan during the war, and basically let Japan do as it pleased. Thus the horrific stories that the world has heard of through the movie “Bridge over the River Kwai”. There was another internment camp for the Allies in Ubon. But instead of letting the Japanese do what they pleased with the prisoners, the local Thais made sure that the prisoners were well fed and taken care of. Once the war was over, alot of the POWs came back and erected a “monument to mercy” in the park to honor the locals. A good history, I would say. Worth remembering.